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Hands down, the best! Remarkable quality and value
  · 6 months ago.
Have purchased coral from a ton of vendors over the years. Almost all have been good and sometimes great but the shipment I received from Penny this morning is head and shoulders better than any I’ve received anywhere and an enormous value to boot. Huge frags including blue zoas with over fifteen polyps! Everything healthy as a horse upon arrival. Unless you’re looking for something Penny doesn’t happen to have, look no further…you’ll be wasting your time. She also hustled to get my order placed at close to three p.m. out the door for arrival the next day. I was treated as though her business was contingent on my being satisfied. If so, she succeeded in spades. I don’t go out of my way to write reviews but I couldn’t not do so in this case. I’m just astounded at the size and quality of my frags and the service is second to none!
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