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For Those W/Questions or Needing my Help - E-mailing Me Pictures & Info:

I love helping people using my almost 30 years growing corals & dealing with reef safe fish, inverts etc. but folks, there are a ton of you & just one of me & I need your help in order to help you.

The pics you e-mail me are literally my "eyes" so I can see what's going on.  Problem is, many of you make the following mistakes:

First mistake - Pics are taken under intense blue lighting.  You MUST turn your lights on to FULL day lights (all white & blue channels) then take your pic.

Second mistake - Pics are inserted in the e-mail message body which greatly reduces the image quality AND it forces me to save the image locally so I can rotate, zoom in etc.

I need a FULL tank front pic.  Additional closer up pics of corals etc. in question are good too but most important is the Hi Res full tank front pic.  Be sure I can see everything Left to Right end, top to bottom as I look for water flow points & more.

When e-mailing me, you MUST do the following:

On your PC, "Insert" or "Attach" the image file TO the e-mail.  Again, never, ever in the message body.

On your phone, Choose the pic(s) you want to send & select "Share".

Choose e-mail as the app to share it with.  This opens your e-mail app & attaches the pic file to the e-mail.

Address the e-mail to me:  ""

Write your message to me detailing your concerns etc.

Give me details about your tank & system (the more I know, the better I can help):

Tank gallons

How long has the system been running?

Temp & salinity (using a refract or hydrometer? - tell me)

How often do you perform a water change & how much/gallons?

Do you have a skimmer?

Are you running an overflow/sump system or mechanical like canister or hang-on filter or ?

Knowing the above & receiving clear hi res images will help me help you without 50 e-mails back & forth getting the info/pics I need.

Thank YOU for helping ME help you.  :c)


All in-store purchases must be made in CASH.

Please stop at your local ATM before visiting.  Bring more than you think you'll spend.  Several folks have already run into that.  You don't have to spend it but you can't buy if you don't have it!

This does NOT affect on-line orders as it's a different system.


 Normal Livestock Shipping Schedule:

All on-line orders received Friday through Tues midnight EST will ship Wed.  Orders received Wed midnight EST will ship Thurs.  Orders Received Thursday midnight EST will ship Friday IF Saturday Delivery shipping is selected.  If not, it will ship the following Wed.  ALL shipments are FedEx Priority Overnight & should be delivered the next day of shipping.

If you submit an order early & find you'd like to add to your order, please e-mail me exactly the name of what you'd like & the size desired & I can PayPal invoice you.  Please do not submit a new order.

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