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4/19:  Dry Goods Landed This Week!

A new shipment of Red Sea Coral Pro Salt, PE Mysis Shrimp & lots more is landed this week!

2 HUGE Livestock Shipments Landed Last Week & SHOW Corals Walked In Too!! 

I just traded for some new SHOW stopper soft corals - Ultra Green Hairy Mushroom rocks, Branching Sinularias, Metallic Green Star Polyps & More!!  Then my shipments included Purple Tip Green Frogspawn, Acros, Green Fla Ricordeas & TONS of gorgeous fish of all kids & more landed this week!!  I'm working on updating this website with the newbies! This place is Packed!!  Plan a visit or place your order here.  Fish that arrived last week are now rested, well fed & conditioned & ready for their new forever homes.  :c)

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    Penny at AquaCorals provided wonderful communication during the entire process and answered all of our ...

    Kelcey · Reviews · 2 months ago