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On-line Order Shipping Delay to Next Week:

All on-line orders received now through 3/2 will ship Wed 3/3 due to last week's snow storms that created a backlog & FedEx Express delivery delays.  Below is my FedEx Rep's message regarding this:

"On a side note, I would like to caution you on shipping perishable packages with the Express network as we are still inundated with packages from the snow storms last week. We are expecting things to start getting back to normal end of the week, but right now we continue to see delays with package delivery."


Normal Livestock Shipping Schedule:

All on-line orders received through Tues will ship Wed.  Orders received Wed will ship Thurs.  Orders Received Thursday will ship Friday IF Saturday Delivery shipping is selected.  If not, it will ship the following Wed.  ALL shipments will be delivered the next day of shipping.

If you submit an order early & find you'd like to add to your order, please e-mail me exactly the name of what you'd like & the size desired & I can PayPal invoice you.  Please do not submit a new order.

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  • excellent

    Quick delivery and maintained excellent communication during the whole process.  Polyps for the weeping willow ...

    Rome · Reviews · 1 months ago