To My Canadian Friends,

Though I have chosen not to ship into Canada or other countries (too much of a headache, cost & no delivery guarantee with FedEx), many of you are close enough to travel down to AquaCorals & make in-store purchases.  There has been concern whether Canada allows the import of ornamental marine fish & inverts purchased here (or any location in the US).  After much research and collaboration with other Canadian customers I have found the below Canadian government information which assures us your purchases from AquaCorals are fine to cross the border.  To date, not one of my customers have had any problems getting their AquaCorals purchases through Canadian Customs.  The below information should solidify this for any of you still concerned.

If you find ANY law, US or Canadian, that conflicts with this, please let me know!  Things may have changed since I found the below info. As always, I want to be sure we all are compliant with US & Canadian laws.  I hope this information assures you & know that I look forward to visiting with you, my Canadian friends.  :c)

Note:  If you live in Canada near any US border I've found many Canadian folk use a US store location to have packages ship to for pick up.  You must be sure the store is willing to accept & hold your package for you to pick up the same day for live items.  It would be your responsibility for picking up your package upon arrival.

Canada Import Law: 

Commodity Code:  030110
Import Details for Requirement : 19433 Version : 6
HS Description : 030110
      03     Fish and crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates
      01     Live fish
      10     Ornamental fish

Recommendations to CBSA/Documentation and Registration Requirements


Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Importation of Ornamental Fish
In general, importations of ornamental aquatic organisms, especially tropical species held in hobby aquaria, are considered to pose a negligible risk of spreading disease(s) to local species. Thus, Canada, like many other countries, does not require special permits for the importation of aquatic organisms for the aquarium hobbyist. There are, however, some exceptions related to other risks posed to aquatic resources and habitat.

All species listed by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) may only be imported if a CITES certificate is obtained. Please see for current listing of species and for relevant contact information. Hobby species that are genetically modified may be considered as new substances and may require notification under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999). For more information on the New Substances program, please consult the Environment Canada site at

Note from AquaCorals:  I have personally read the list of species listed on both CITES web sites & found NONE of what I offer or specifically the reef aquarium hobby normally offers to be a CITES listed species.  Therefore ALL livestock purchased from AquaCorals is approved to enter into Canada.

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