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It’s the same every time: TREMENDOUS satisfaction
  · 1 months ago.
Just completed my fourth purchase from AquaCorals which in and of itself is testimonial enough. My 180 is about ninety percent leathers and the only reason they are not all from Penny is because I acquired some before discovering that AC existed. I’ve scoured the internet intensely over and over looking for vendors that specialize in soft corals and found there are only two, however, when it comes to enormous, and I do mean, enormous value in terms of prices that are so low it is almost silly and huge (and supremely healthy) pieces you receive (I’d describe each of my shipments as colonies and not frags) there is one and only one place to acquire softies and it’s right here. If that weren’t enough, Penny stands on her head to ensure that you are satisfied and will lend her support at the drop of a hat if you need advice of any kind even if that’s long after making a purchase from her. I don’t see myself heading to Maine anytime soon but if I do I’m making it my business to stop in and give Penny a hug which I’d feel comfortable doing (hope it wouldn’t weird her out though) because she makes you feel so much that you are family. If you are looking for soft corals where you get huge variety and stellar prices and service it’s all at AC; looking elsewhere is a waste of time as not anywhere else even comes close.
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The Way It Should Be
  · 2 months ago.
I'm relatively new to the hobby and it has been a great experience from start to finish on my transaction. Corals opened up and swaying in the breeze very shortly after introduction into my tank. I really like how the corals are mounted to real rock and not the silly plugs, a pet peeve of mine as well. I will be looking forward to doing more business in the future!
Thank you!
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  · 3 months ago.
Placed my first order with Penny for a Weeping Willow Toadstool and couldn't be happier! Placed order late Tuesday night. Penny emailed me first thing Wednesday morning and offered to ship it out. I agreed and had it in my hands in Oregon Thursday before noon. 
The coral exceeded my expectations. I'm used to receiving small corals on a little frag plug, but this was quite large and attached to a rock. Will make an immediate impact on my display! 
Packaging was excellent.
More than all of this though, I'm most impressed by Penny's communication and her dedication. As mentioned before, she emailed me the very next morning and placing my order. She also placed a call to make sure she was able to reach me. In addition, she was monitoring delivery and contacted me to follow up shortly after I received the package. Her dedication and care for her corals is unsurpassed, and I wasn't used to this type of personal attention with an online coral order.
Already looking on her site for my future corals Thanks Penny!
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Excellent service, great price, and very happy first customer!
  · 4 months ago.
We ordered 3 soft corals from AquaCorals Monday.  Received package Thursday and we couldn't be happier.  Corals came happy and fully opened within two hours!  Good price and package were well packed.  First time ordered from AquaCorals and we are very pleased.  Definitely exceeded our expectation!  We appreciate Ms. Penny for her time, expertise, and most of all willing to help and answered all our questions.  Strongly recommend to all reefers out there.  She is awesome! 
Thank you for the great experience.  We are looking forward to order more.
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Awesome shop for soft corals.
  · 4 months ago.
I ordered a Snowball Toadstool and Ultra Green Sinularia from Penny. Put my order in just before midnight on Tuesday night and they were shipped out Monday. This is is Mid July when we are having a heatwave with heat indexes in the 100s. Corals arrived on time. Penny packaged the corals incredibly and considering it was above 85° the entire trip, the corals arrived with the bag water at the perfect temp. Won’t hesitate to order again or send friends to Penny. 
Another spot to highlight, before placing my order and after receiving it, I had plenty of questions. Penny took the time to answer each and every one in an incredibly detailed way and quicker than I expected. She’s a great resource and a pleasure to buy from.
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First time buyer
  · 5 months ago.
Bought a weeping willow and zoa colony from Penny. Both packaged great and as described. Fast shipping. Penny has by far had the best customer service out of any company I’ve purchased livestock from. This isn’t just a sale for her she treats you as family always checking in an updating. Very impressed. Thank you for the wonderful experience
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FANTASTIC!!! 1st time buyer to loyal customer!
  · 6 months ago.
I ordered a BTA (Bubble Tip Anemone) from AquaCorals. The process was straight forward and easy! The BTA shipped when it was supposed to and I received it the next day!! I just happened to be at home when it arrived and the packaging was pristine. The BTA was actually opened inside the bag it was in!! I was able to acclimate it and get it in my tank. 
Penny, the owner of AquaCorals, has Stupendous customer service!! I can tell she takes great pride in what she does. And she cares about her livestock. I will definitely be a lifelong purchaser now from AquaCorals!!!!
Thank You Penny!!!!!!!!
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Will never give anywhere else
  · 8 months ago.
I purchased a weeping willow toadstool and a rainbow rose bubble tip Anemone from Patty and I couldn't be happier.  They were both package with a lot of care and also included instructions on the best way to place my bta. Patty is so very helpful even from the beginning of the purchase to even after my bta and toadstool were placed in my tank.  I received an email from her the next day checking on how things were going and if everything arrived in good shape.  I am now a lifetime customer.
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New reefer!
  · 8 months ago.
Being from western Kansas with no local aquarium stores closer than a 350 mile radius it's a bit challenging finding quality livestock for my tank.  Penny at AquaCorals is AWESOME!  I just received my first two nems ever and the minute I placed them in my tank they ballooned up and displayed their beautiful colors!  I was so amazed. One moved around his rock placement about 3 inches and seems super healthy. He spreads out approx 4"!  The 2" rainbow tip nem has his foot placed well in a hole and his little balloons are adorable and I watched him eat some fish food this morning! ?  Thank you Penny for such healthy nems!!! 
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  · 9 months ago.
First, Penny is THE best in the hobby I have had the pleasure of dealing with over the 46 years I have been keeping saltwater fish and reefing.  Incredible service and an outstanding personal touch.
I've ordered a few times and not once has anything been sent that wasn't the very best quality.  I saw nearly all my items available this past month and took the plunge and ordered about 600$ worth.  Words cannot express how happy I am with everything I ordered.  If you buy any soft corals - you have to buy them from Aquacorals.  Simply the best, healthy, specimens and top notch service.  I don't know Penny personally other than through our business transactions but she makes you feel like she is there if you have any questions or issues.  Do yourself a favor and buy only the best - buy aquacorals softies!  PS - I literally can't pick a favorite of the many I purchased but the neons are UNREAL!
Thank you, Penny, for this order and for doing something so wonderful for our hobby and for me!
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