AquaCorals Tank Raised Rainbow Rose Bubble Tip Anemone


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NEW ITEM!!  AquaCorals Tank Raised!!

Rainbow Rose Bubble Tip Anemones - Entacmaea quadricolor

This is a Rose & Metallic Green Bubble Tip Anemone which was grown here at AquaCorals!  Each specimen has a foot approx 2 inches & expends 3 to 4+ inches.  Super RARE color form and tank raised to boot!!  Doesn't get any healthier than that!

Pictures here are in-house samples.

Bubble Tips are ONLY Anemone I will sell because...
All Anemones are opportunistic fish eaters & the Bubble Tip is the least aggressive & least likely to make a meal of your fish!  I've found ALL Clownfish will go to the Bubble Tip anemones, readily reproduce in captivity and are the hardiest/easiest to keep of all anemones.   They come in multiple colors with unique patterns too.  Given all this,  I can't with all good conscious offer any other species.

Can be kept singly or with other Bubble Tips but know if you have other species of anemones, it's likely they will move & seek each other out & fight, with one, if not both, dying from the encounter.

Bubble Tip Anemones appreciate a meaty meal once a week.  When I feed mine I add a little more PE Mysis shrimp to my fish food mix.  I feed my fish then go to my anemones & gently add a little food to the "ends" of their tentacles (never directly into their mouths!).  If they are hungry, they will happily hang onto the food given, travel it to their mouths & consume it.  Understand that what goes in, comes out the same hole for anemones so don't be surprised if you see a glob being expelled.  Often times they will contract when "pooping" too so don't be alarmed.  Also understand that all anemones are like balloons where they inflate their tissue with water & expand greatly like blowing up a balloon with air.  Expanded tissue lightens the color of the animal whereas a closed animal's color will look darker, more intense.  Certainly the light intensity over them will determine how they "look" so again, depending on how inflated or contracted they are will determine how they look minute by minute in your tank.  This is something that makes them fascinating to watch - especially with Clownfish snuggling them!

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