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The world's oceans, in my backyard!
  · 5 months ago.
I visited Penny for the first time this past Friday and I was blown away with her establishment!  As soon as I walked in I felt at home.  Penny sat me down on one of her couches and I got to see her 14-year-old, 220 gallon aquarium and all of the plumbing that makes her reef tanks thrive. You can tell just by the way Penny talks that her hobby is her passion and her fish are her babies.  She is a fount of knowledge and provided me, a beginner, with a lot of information, tips on plumbing, reef keeping, what types of fish get big, and those that stay smaller and even right down to what size tank I should start with.  Even if you're not intending to buy, its a great place to visit and even bring your little ones.
I went there very interested in starting my own reef aquarium to being absolutely excited to get started!  I will definitely be reaching out to Penny as I begin my own saltwater journey and I highly recommend Aqua Corals to ANYONE from NOVICE to PROFESSIONAL reef and fish keepers. She's got a HUGE variety of fish, corals, inverts and can get you anything you need to run whatever size tank you wish.
Thank you for inspiring me Penny! See you soon!

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