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Here's what's happening at AquaCorals!  #makereefinggreatagain !

7/20:   NEW ROX Carbon, RO Prefilters & More!

Everyone is busy this time of year & tanks tend to get neglected.  Be sure to cover your investment by at least keeping a fresh bag of ROX carbon in your system & certainly your RO prefilters clean!


Coral Releases!!

2 brand new, never offered before soft corals have been released!  Ultra Orange YUMA Mushrooms and Red Plating Sponge

Also... the fish, inverts & more that landed are ready for their new forever homes!  Blue Mandarins, NEON Blue Gobies, & a ton more!  Also, more baby corals have been released so again, watch this website as I update the new offerings and certainly stop in when the facility is open to check them out in person!  I look forward to playing with everyone today noon to 5pm!  :c)


NEW Carbon & RO Prefilters!

All sizes of ROX carbon as well as RO prefilters are landing Monday!  I'm full of supportive supplies like frozen foods as well as gorgeous livestock - all ready for their new forever homes!  Stop in & stock up!


Shipping Now Monday through Friday!

I am now shipping Monday through Friday (Friday shipments requires a $16 Saturday Delivery imposed by FedEx).  Orders received by noon M-F will ship that same day for arrival the next day!  Orders received after noon EST will ship the following day except Friday when the order will ship Monday.  See "Livestock Shipping" for more details!  :c)


If you haven't already switched Salts - I urge you to Do So NOW!

Truly, the salt problems we've experienced are very serious & everyone should make the change immediately if you haven't already.  Even if you haven't used all your old salt, the cost in possible dead livestock isn't worth using it!!  For details see my "Special Salt Report"  -  "Self Help for Reefers / Water Quality / Special Salt Report" article page.

#makereefinggreatagain !


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