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Below is a video of a TV interview done in 2014 where I go through the story of how I started in my hobby & how AquaCorals came to be.  You'll hear about my methods & the level of addiction this hobby is in my life as well as lots of useful advice & tips for you as well!


I also plan to post pictures of my tanks from my very first ever saltwater tank through to AquaCorals today.

I will also show you my first aquaculture "baby coral" tanks where I actually made my own "plugs" (huge no no I found out the hard way) as well as my first shop which I bet most don't know was called "Mainely Marine"  :c)  I will describe my journey from freshwater hobbyist to saltwater to reefer to must-do aquaculture to part-time shop, etc.  Folks, it's been quite a journey!

Stay tuned!

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