HMS Multi Light Mount Kit - Aqua Illumination



The Aqua Illumination HMS Multi Light tank Mounting System has three individual components (sold separately) that let you customize the mounting system for your exact tank size and number of & size Hydra LED modules.

What's in the box (pic above):

2x Mounting Feet (for all rimmed or rimless tanks)

2x Pivoting Brackets

2x 15" Vertical Side Rails

Now select a length of HMS Multi Light Track the same width of your tank (sold separately here).  This track lets you slide your lights from side to side allowing you to position them perfectly for the best coverage and reduction in shadowing.

To finish choose your HMS TwentySix or HMS FiftyTwo Brackets (sold separately here) - Custom brackets that hold your particular Hydra LED light and lets you slide and turn each light individually for your perfect position. Purchase one HMS Bracket for each Hydra size you have.



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