AI EXT Hanging Kit



The AI EXT Hanging Kit will hang a single Hydra.  If you have 2 or more lights just use an EXT Rail to connect 2 systems together.  Use one Hanging Kit per rail needed for your application. Example:  3 Hydras would use 2 EXT Rails with 2 EXT Hanging Kits.  Each Hanging kit comes with adjustable 96" cables.

Note:  Be sure to choose your EXT Rail(s) along with these EXT Hanging Kits  if hanging more than one Hydra!  Standard tanks such as I sell would use the 18" EXT Rails between the Hydras to span the tank braces placing each Hydra centered between the braces.  Also note that we hang our lights a little front forward as the back of the tank does not need the illumination that the center to front does given the normal slope of our rocks front to back.

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