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Blood Red FIRE Feather/Sea Lilly Starfish - Heterometra sp.

Well established reef tanks of 75g or larger is best.

These stunningly gorgeous starfish will be the talk of your tank! Many unique markings, for example, some have gold spots under the arms (seen in my video below).  They are plankton feeders but will accept frozen Calanus & PE Mysis gently applied to the outer portions of their legs.  If hungry they will hang onto the food & travel it to their mouth.  More active at night these starfish will hand onto the rocks during the day with stick-like legs found beneath their feathery arms - & they hand on tight!  They will stretch out their arms when hungry hoping to capture food material, much like a Feather Duster worm does.  Not usually a hider, this is one starfish that makes a statement!

Note:  Heavy shipper due to the large size bag & amount of water needed to get it to you healthy.

NEVER take this starfish (or any other for that matter) out of the water!!

Special Acclimation is needed!  With tank lights off, do not open their bag & float for 15 minutes to equalize any temperature difference.  After 15 minutes, open the bag, check the bag salinity with a refractometer & if your tank is more than 2 degrees different than their bag DOUBLE the acclimation!  Continue to float & gently start adding some of your tank water to the bag.  On average the bags I use for them will need 1 cup every 15 minutes - do this for an hour then submerse the entire bag under your tank water and gently jiggle the bag to release.  My water is reef water & is totally safe to add to your tank.

Special Note!  Have your camera ready because when this starfish is released often times will stretch their legs & swim which is one of the most beautiful sights to see!  :c)

Average size is approx 5 inch

Pictures are examples only.  Expect some variations.


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