Reef Octopus Delay Timer For Internal Skimmers


Helps prevent skimmer overflows after power outages
Delay time: 5 minutes ±5% | Maximum Power: 120W

Added Insurance
Helps prevent skimmer overflows
Recommended for all In-sump skimmers

Save your self the Headache with the Reef Octopus Auto Time Delay
Have peace of mind when the power goes out (most often we're not home when it happens too!). In the event of a power outage most sumps will fill with water from the display and plumbing producing a higher than normal sump water level. When the power comes back on the skimmer also turns on & because it's in deeper sump water than normal it will overfill it's collection cup & dump it's contents into your sump!!  All those nutrients it stripped out of your water is now back in AND concentrated!  Avoid this terrible problem by purchasing this Delay Timer. 

Once the power is resumed the Auto Time Delay will initiate and keep the skimmer off for 5 minutes, allowing the system to draw down the sump to it's normal operating level before the skimmer is allowed to power on again.  This little gadget is worth it's weight in gold!

When the Red LED is on, Power is shut off to the skimmer

When the Green LED is on, Power provided to the skimmer

Technical Data
Input: 230V AC 50Hz /110V AC 60Hz
Output: 230V AC 50Hz /110V AC 60Hz
Delay time: 5 minutes ±5%
Maximum Power: 120W

● This product must be located away from moisture or water
● Do not insert/pull the plug with wet hands
● Be careful, don’t drop the system’s body into water, this will damage the time delay
● When taking maintenance of a skimmer or other electric equipment, please remove the plug from the socket first.
● Must be used under the maximum power

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