Carib Sea Aragamax Reef Sand 30 Lb Bag



This is a fine base sand which needs to be rinsed before adding to your tank.  See details below.

Beware!  Not all sand products are the same.  What it's made up of (calcium based) & grain size is very important.  The larger the grain, the deeper the sand bed needs to be to create enough anoxic (low to no oxygen) area for denitrification.  I have found the below to be the absolute best & it's the only sand products I use ... & it's always in stock at AquaCorals.

Aragamax is sugar sized grains (Grain size 0.1 - 1.0 mm.) used for the bottom of deep sand beds which will be your denitrifying portion of your reef system.  A minimum of 3 inches of this sand is needed.  Remember to top it with SeaFlor sand to keep it from blowing around with all the current in our tanks.  My sand "recipe" below.

How Much Sand To Use:

Tanks with a floor dimension of:

48" x 18":
Bottom Sand = 5 Bags of 30 Lb Aragamax sugar fine
Top Sand = 1 40Lb Bags of Sea Flor + 1 15Lb Sea Flor OR 3 20Lb bags of Aragalive

48" x 24":
Bottom Sand = 6 Bags of 30 Lb Aragamax sugar fine
Top Sand = 2 40Lb Bags of Sea Flor OR 4 20Lb bags of Aragalive

72" x 18":
Bottom Sand = 7 Bags of 30 Lb Aragamax sugar fine
Top Sand = 2 40Lb Bags of Sea Flor OR 5 20Lb bags of Aragalive

72" x 24":
Bottom Sand = 8 Bags of 30 Lb Aragamax sugar fine
Top Sand = 3 40Lb Bags of Sea Flor OR 6 20Lb bags of Aragalive

Requires Rinsing:
I fill a 5gal pail 1/2 full with sand then either in a sink or outside with a hose (I prefer to use warm water for my own hands ;c) fill the pail with water & let it spill out while stirring up the sand with your hand.  I wear a glove when rinsing alot of sand.  Only the dust particles will come out with the water.  Rinse until the water coming out looks like watered down milk.  Don't wait until the water is clear or you'll be there forever!  :c)  Pour off the excess water then dump the sand into your tank.  It's easier to do when there is no water in your tank so you can see how it's spreading out.

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