5 Stage 75 GPD Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Kit


This is the 5 Stage Drinking Water RO System I personally use myself.  It includes all the essential features necessary to start making pure RO drinking water.  Rated at 75 gallons per day, we typically see 50 gallons or so per day actually produced. This reverse osmosis package includes a 5 Stage RO unit complete with a pressurized water tank, drinking water faucet, inline carbon filter and all the necessary fittings to install.

 Note:  I personally do not like the included faucet for the following reasons:

1.  The package states it contains "low lead"

2.  You have to continuously press the lever for water to flow out of it - can't walk away when filling a pot etc.

3.  The angle of the faucet head is not good IMO for pot filling.

I purchased & am using this RO faucet found on Amazon (click a picture to go to it's page there) instead of the included faucet:

ROFaucet iSpringROSinkFaucet

Drinking Water Features:

3.2 gallon pressurized water tank
Includes Silver drinking air gap water faucet
All necessary drinking water fittings

5 Stages of Filtration:

Purtrex 5 Micron Depth Sediment Filter
BRS Chlorine & VOC 5 Micron Carbon Block Filter - good for both public water & private wells.
BRS Universal 1 Micron Carbon Block Filter
75 GPD Dow Filmtec Membrane - IMO, the absolute best membrane in the industry!  I've been using this one over 20 years.  The RO membrane is most important part of ANY RO system as it determines what, if any contaminants are allowed to pass through!  Membranes are NOT all the same!
Omnipure Inline Carbon Block

Parts Bag Includes:

3/8" Push Connect drain saddle clamp to plumb the waste water line from the RO system to a sink's drain pipe
Mur-lok Push Connect Inline Ball Valve for easy on/off
Filter Wrench to tighten and loosen canisters
Mur-lok Garden Hose/Utility Sink Adapter to make a non-permanent connection to garden hose or laundry tub
Mur-lok EZ angle stop adapter to make a semi-permanent connection to household water supply under sink
3/8" Black RO tubing

Standard Features:

Automatic shut-off valve
Mur-lok Push Connect dual EPDM O-Ring fittings
10 Ft each of blue, red and black tubing
BRS 5 Stage Drinking Water System exclusively features NSF-certified Universal and Chlorine/VOC Carbon Block Filters with 30% more carbon than standard blocks, GE Purtrex Depth Sediment Filters, American made DOW membranes and Omnipure filters.
Dimensions - 16" x 6.25" x 15.5" (RO bracket) / 11.5" diameter x 15" tall (storage tank)

If you need more than the included 10 feet of pure water tubing, you can purchase more here (click the pictures):RO Tubing

To cut the tubing without flattening the tube, which could cause leaking, you want this tool:

RO TubeCUtter

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