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EShopps Overflow Box Sets


Easy-to-install overflow boxes transport/dumps aquarium water down to our sumps.  Gravity feed system eliminates the need for complicated drilling or aquarium modifications.   Slim design needs only 3 inches of wall clearance.

This is the BEST way to plumb your reef aquarium overflow system as these box sets take up very little valuable internal tank space (unlike so-called Reef Ready tanks with big bulky internal overflows), they can be adjusted to give you the inside tank water height you desire, can be positioned where you want them on your tank AND if you ever jump up to a larger tank, you can just add to the ones you already have to achieve your system turnover needs!

People who claim they don't like overflow box sets IMO have never used them or used them incorrectly.  The only way these units can fail us is if WE fail to run them right & most often that is due to the pump size is too small for the system or the pump is valved back too far - either case means there's not enough water flowing through the overflow's U tubes to keep them bubble free, which, over time if the bubbles were allowed to collect could eventually break the siphon & water would end up on the floor.  Given that new overflow U tubes are clear you can easily see if bubbles are collecting & can make adjustments before any disaster could happen.

Overflow Box Sets Include: U-tube(s), nylon screws and wing nuts, pre-filter box, and 1" bulkheads.  They also include a PVC air breather pipe which may be inside the sponges if your set contains sponges.  Do NOT use the sponges.  Keep the PVC & discard the sponge.  See Special Note below to see why...
You will need a 2 ft piece of airline tubing to start the siphon/water flow through the U tubes.  These box sets should come standard with it but in case it doesn't, know that you'll need it to start.  Units purchased in-house at AquaCorals usually contain airline in them & have the sponges removed for you.

Notes:  Keep in mind when ordering ... the MINIMUM turnover rate is 10 times per hour!  Example:  75g tank x 10x = 750 GPH (gallons per hour).
Also, the reason I recommend multiples VS a single larger model is the water surface area skimming each box set provides.  The more surface area we skim the more dissolved organic matter is sent to our skimmer!  2 PF 800 units will skim more surface area than a single PF 1000 unit.  Do not underestimate the importance of this function!

For my AquaCorals Reef System Use:

75g to 90g - Use 2 PF 800
110g to 125g - Use 3 PF 800
150g to 220g - Use 3 PF 1000
265g to 300g - Use 4 PF 1000

The PF 300 Nano is good when you want to add a frag or specialty tank to your main reef system.  Can be used for a stand alone tank too approx. 20 to 30 gallons.

Special Notes!  Do NOT use the sponges if included in your set(s) as they collect & kill spawning activity where if allowed to reach your sump have at least a chance of surviving!  I've pulled baby Cucumbers out of my sumps & more because I run my system wide open!  These sponges are also NitrAte factories AND if not kept clean will eventually clog & cause water to dump on your floor.  You DO want to keep & use the white PVC that's inside the sponge.  Just set it down in the top of the bulkhead.  Do not glue it there.  This is the silencer with the little clear tube attached being an air breather.  Very important piece

I also recommend using a wrap of teflon tape on the bulkhead threads up at the top next to the head to help prevent the nut from loosening.
CAUTION!  Do NOT over tighten the nut!!  I always advise to hand tighten the nut only then take your box set to the sink & run water through it to check for any leaks.  The heads of the bulkheads can crack & leak if over tightened!

Overflows have been in use at AquaCorals for almost 20 years!!  :c)

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