Polyfilter Pad


PolyFilter Pad - 4 x 8" pad
Removes all harmful waste materials including heavy metals, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and dissolved organics, copper sulfate, formalin and all antibiotics.
A "must have" for your emergency kit!

Used @ AquaCorals!

Notes from Penny:
These are unlike ANY other "filter" pads!!  They will literally change color when removing certain contaminants from the water (listed on the back of the wrapper) like royal blue when copper is present & more!  Though it won't change color for all contaminants it's pulling, you can rest assured they are removing alot that we can't see nor test for!  Once it's captured material it will not leech it back into your water like carbon can.  I personally will never be without these on hand & I highly recommend you keep one or more at home as well!

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