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See "Specials" for Aquarium Stands on Sale!  All aquarium stands below are "cash" priced at 3% OFF my already low retail!  You save 3% by paying in cash or checks in-house OR, if you can't come in just e-mail me what you'd like & I'll send you a quote.  I can PayPal invoice you for 3% more than the cash prices below.  Pickup requirements below...

Aquarium stands offered here are wood construction except the Majesty which has "some" internal particle board/veneer.  The RJ Birch Series & Monterey aquarium stands offer additional color options BUT their actual color (like Cherry) may not match the tone of your
Cherry furniture at home.  Black is beautiful & neutral so you can never go wrong with a black aquarium stands that
compliments your black trim tank & more than likely, black lighting.  Allow the colorful tank contents to draw
the eye.  If you must have a color, please e-mail me the style stand & color you're interested in & I'll see if
it's available.

Stand AG Pine

Aqueon Pine Aquarium Stands:

48x18 - $269

48x24 - $329

72x18 - $390

72x24 - $429

28" Tall Cabinet made of solid
wood, stained and finished with
a waterproofing sealer.
Used @ AquaCorals!

PF Newport LG

Perfecto "Newport" Aquarium Stand

48x18 - $299

28" Tall Cabinet, wood construction,
recessed panel doors and brushed
nickel hardware.

Stand PF Majesty

Perfecto "Majesty" Aquarium Stand

48x18 - $279

48x24 - $329

60x18 - $369

72x18 - $399

72x24 - $459

28" Tall Cabinet primarily made of wood, stained and finished with
a waterproofing sealer.  Some composite/veneer inside but

structurally solid.
Used @ AquaCorals!

Birch 72x24 BLK

RJ Birch Wood Aquarium Stands:

48x18 - $359

48x24 - $399

72x18 - $449

72x24 - $559

30" Tall Cabinet with Hiding
Waterline Molding.  Birch Wood
Construction.  Five Piece Flat
Panel Doors - High Gloss Finish.

 PF MontereyStand Black

Perfecto "Monterey" Aquarium Stands:

48x18 - $659

48x24 - $949

72x18 - $899

72x24 - $1299

34.5" Tall Cabinet, wood construction
with hinged recessed panel doors,
& removable side panels for easy
equipment access. Water-resistant finish
inside and out.



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