WYSIWYG Ultra Orange YUMA Mushroom Soft Coral


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Babies are single 1.5-2" polyps mounted to real live rock unless otherwise noted.

Never offered before at AquaCorals, The Ultra Orange Yuma Mushroom soft coral is an extremely rare color Yuma given that it almost glows under full daylights & stands out of the tank with actinic lighting!  Few soft corals and corals of any kind give this intense POP color!

The main pic is a Parent of this coral.  I'm working to get an even better pic of it as this pic doesn't show the intense orange it truly has.  Baby pic coming soon!  

Circa 2018

Soft Coral Color Guide:  Example - Base color "Green"

"Green" = shows it's green color mostly under actinic blue lighting

Neon "Green" = glows green under actinic blue lighting

Ultra "Green" = bright or deep green under full daylights!

Metallic = the color has a metallic sheen to it.

Remember, like wild soft corals, aquacultured tank raised soft corals offer many benefits to reef fish like hiding places or perches and even sleep spots!  Tank raised soft corals are much easier to keep than hard corals and they add beautiful form, color and movement to a tank.

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